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by - April 24, 2013

Hey guys! I'm back with a review post :) Today I want to review this web (you should've known it if you are my blog reader) again, yes, efoxcity, a great drop ship clothing store on the web!

Anyway, I've seen some people commented me that efox city hasn't send their items about until 4 months. For you who feel that, please ask them here because they always reply my message. I finally got my own necklace from them about 1,5 months. That's pretty long I know.

These apparels are what I picked from the web. Efox city is the best for their China dresses and loose top. They sell some womens fashion wholesale, such as skirts, tops, dresses, and even wedding dresses! I picked the sweet white lace dress because these days I really love lace dresses. I also love the red peterpan collared dress. Yeah, I know that peterpan collar is not anymore trendy but I love sweet dresses. The blue dress I picked just the ordinary dress but I really love navy color.

That denim outer is very cute. I really love it, it is cropped and the color is just perfect. The broken white bird dress is also cute. i love the birdie pattern on it. The two loose top with bunny and skull picture are adorable.

Searching for wedding dresses / gowns? Efox city sells them! I currently in love with beautiful wedding gowns with midi length because they make you look younger like what I picked in the first, third and fourth picture. I also in love with gowns with very big tulle which make you look like a princess. You can get those wedding dresses under $100.  

I've never bought any clothing apparels from efox city, so these pictures I got were from their website and these pictures are just my wishlist or review.

Recommended because = the pictures are 95% the same with the stuff and they love to give discounts and freebies for your purchase.

 Not recommended because = it took 1,5 months until the stuff finally arrived in my house ( I got a necklace from them)

 What I got - thanks efox city!

anyway, help me to pick out one of these items :
Anyway my life has been very complicated these days.. Maybe my instagram post (this) told you all.. I hope I can see the future and solve my problems.. And I really need memory breaker so I wouldn't remember those past memories.

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