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by - March 03, 2013

 December's Holiday Post. Okay, this is a bit too late, lol.
How was your holiday people? Mine was great. I went toBandung and Bali at my new year’s holiday. Those both place are super, super,full of tra-ffic-jam. Okay, chill. In Bandung, I went to Paris Van Java mall for just chillin with my family, ateat Queens restaurant and Coca Suki. And the journey started, welcome Bali!
First day in Bali
1. Arrived in Ngurah Rai Int. Airport
(no photos : eating in  Bali Nikmat Rest)
2. Jimbaran Seafood Restaurant (The food were delicious but a bit pricey).
 After eating at Jimbaran, we were heading soon to our hotel

Second day in Bali
1. Tanah Lot. (If you went to Bali for the first time, I think it's a must to visit here)
2. Fried duck in D' Sawah, Kerobokan
we were going to Tanjung Benoa and stucked in traffic jam.
3. Watersport in Tanjung Benoa! Best part in Bali
4. Padang-Padang Beach (shooting place for Eat, Pray, Love film)
sadly when wecaught there, the sunset had almost gone. After that, we again met traffic jam for almost 3 hours.

 Third day
1 & 2 Batik shop in Ubud
 (no photo seeing  Mt. Batur and Lake Kintamani)
3-6 Local Coffe Luwak Garden
7. Pasar Sukowati (Sukowati Traditional Market)
8. grilled duck at Pundi Pundi Ubud
Fourth day
1 & 2 Kuta Beach
3, 4 & 5 Naughty Nuri's Seminyak
(no pic : Hard Rock Café Bali, Monumen Braja Musti,Krisna Shopping Gallery)

Last day in Bali
(we managed to go to Bedugul and Besakih but traffic jam ruined our plans)
1. Rain a lot.
2 & 3 Beautiful view in Karma Kandara. Heavenly place.
(no pic : ate at Laota - most favorited food : Rainbow porridge)
 4 & 5 Joger Kuta (thefamous unique and funny words stuffs, especially tees) 
(no pic : Rumah Makan Ibu Andika. Famous for nasi bungkus and spicy food)

Good bye Bali^^

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. wah .. you come to bali? ;;)
    I live on Bali, nice holiday and great place for your chose to holiday ..

    Happy sunday ^^

  3. fun holiday hey lisa? :D I wanna go to bali as soon as I go home hehehe

  4. jadi envy lis :P
    awesome shots anyway ☺

  5. Bali <3
    how lucky you are huhuhuhu aku pengen ke bali ga jadi-jadi huhuhu


  6. awww bali <3 i went there too on the new year holiday! bali is such a perfect holiday gateway!

  7. awww the pictures... you make me miss bali so much! its been years you know :'''

  8. looks like you have a wonderful holiday lis...
    and i miss Bali so much !!! :(

  9. Oh how I miss bali so much! it has been years :(

  10. Oh how I miss bali so much! it has been years :(

  11. Wow, really like a paradise. Soooo nice. Have a great monday.

  12. nice shoot <33

    By the way I'm holding cambridge satchel giveaway, let's join HERE


  13. I miss Bali so much!
    Great posting dear you make me miss bali T.T


  14. Nice shots lisa! I miss Bali so much. Btw itu cotage nya ada didaerah mana ya bagus. hehe

  15. looks like a good time :)
    stay pretty darl! :)

  16. wow beautiful pictures! looks like you had an amazing time!!

  17. Oh wow, looks like a great holiday!

  18. Karma Kandara beach is seriously a piece of heaven on earth
    wouldn't mind stay there for a whole week! :)

    looks like you had tons of fun in Bali
    went to Bali in January as well. crazy rainy weather!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  19. cantik2 fotonya :3 jadi pingin ke bali T^T

    visit my blog ^^

  20. you have such lovely photography here! i adore the shoot of the corn.. makes me want some now!

    lindsey louise

  21. Honey,I really like your blog so I follow you now ;) I would be glad if you follow me too :)

    regards <3

  22. ugh really want to go to bali cause of your photos

  23. waaaah now I really wish I can go to Bali this holiday!

  24. beautiful pictures!
    thanks for checking out my blog, haveeeee started following you too, looking forward to more posts (: xxxoxoxoxoo

  25. amazing pics! some of them are so beautiful <3

  26. oh i always love bali!!

    do join my giveaway :)
    join chicnova


  27. Great photos darling. I really can't wait to go there! Would you like to check out my blog too maybe we can follow each other. xoxo

  28. Such beautiful pictures! It looks like paradise :)
    Im now following u on bloglovin! ^^

  29. Gosh, this looks so tranquil and fun!

  30. i love Bali sooo much! hahaha
    nice shots :)


  31. wahhh di Bali,foto2 kamu keren2 semua...makasih ya buat follownya di blog aku, aku jg sudah follow kamu loh..
    terus kreatif ya,senang berkenalan,semoga bsa saling share..:))

  32. awesome pics.... Bali is such a beautiful place!

  33. cute cute cute & lovely!!! see u love!!! xx

  34. Wonderful pictures, so beautiful :)

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