Finding the right bra for you

by - January 04, 2013

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Anyway, have you ever thought about women's apparels? I know that style or beauty is pain. Sometimes we wear outfit that doesn't really comfortable for us. We just think about how it will look great on us although we are actually hurted. 

But although I also agree with that statement, but we must think about our health. It is useless if we look beautiful but actually we are sick because those apparels. For example, our lingerie.

Countless women all over England are currently wearing a bra that doesn’t fit them properly. Yet there is another common cause for badly fitting lingerie and surprisingly that’s buying the wrong size and style in the first place.

Many women find bra shopping to be one of life’s most daunting experiences, with cramped changing rooms and unforgiving lighting highlighting all of the things they prefer to conceal.

However, if you know your bras have almost reached the end of their lives, and it's time to hit the lingerie stores, it pays in the long run to find a style and shape that supports and flatters you. 

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind on your next bra shopping expedition:

It’s all in the band
It’s a common assumption among many women that a bra will fit better if you tighten up your straps. However, the real support from your bra should always be coming from the band. The bra should be able to still hold your breasts properly even without the straps on your shoulders. The strap should be snug, but shouldn’t constrict or pinch the skin. It should also sit evenly on the back, in line with the breasts. If the strap sags down or rides up, it’s an indication it doesn’t fit properly.

Finding the right cup
The two biggest problems with cup sizes are over-filling or under-filling the cups. You will know if you’re underfilling your bra if you see puckering in the cup. On the other end of the scale, a large busted woman with a poorly fitting cup size could potentially be causing serious damage to her neck or back. Much like when fitting a backpack, if you find that your straps are digging in, opt for a deeper cup and a smaller band. If your straps are falling off your shoulders, the chances are the bra is too big and is creating an unflattering line by riding up.

Large busted women
If you have larger breasts it’s important to find a well fitted and supportive bra. It often pays to go to a specialty bigger busted bra supplier. However, as a general guide try and find a bra that offers 70% coverage versus the standard 50-60%.

Have a fitting
No matter how many tips and clues you might read, the sure fire way to find the best bra is by having a fitting. Most lingerie stores have specialist bra fitters who are guaranteed to find you the most comfortable and supportive style for your shape.

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