"Dedicated To Her" Post

by - December 07, 2012

P.s: Hey guys! Finally thanks God it's Friday! I am drafting my post now because I really miss my blog so much and I think I won't be able to post anything next weekend because I will go to Bandung with my family.

Today, 7th December 2012 is my friend's sweet seventeen birthday. Yes, she is Helena, the sweetest science student, photography and vintage lover, great blogger, and I am so happy to write about this! As she is one of my goodfriend, so I will be so happy to attend her birthday and also give her surprise :)

And, beside the "real surprise", I also dedicate this post to her as I wasn't be able to come to her sweet bash due to my relatives' wedding, but fortunately (also sadly) the wedding is dismissed because the groom is sick. Ehm, anyway, Happy Sweet, gurl!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your best friend!! <3
    you guys so creative! i love the scrap! <3


  2. haaaaa lisa big big thank you!!!!! yang ngerjain cm kalian bertiga? :o

    really love you girls :*

  3. happy bday to your friend! that's really cute xx


  4. that is very cute, sweet, and lovely
    happy birthday to her :)


  5. Happy birthday to your friend!
    You made a nice gift for her. Lovely! <3

  6. hey that's such a super cute scrapbook! happy birthday to her! :)

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    Missing Bee

  7. kreatif banget! bangga deh ada anak Indonesia yang sepertimu. Kreatif, demi menyenangkan teman rela bikin inspirasi^^


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