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by - June 28, 2012

Hey everyone! It seems that I am addicted to instagram since I have an iphone, lol. I love to snap new stuffs I've got this few weeks. And I feel like I must post this all on my blog, haha! I love instagram's cute effect! Check my instagram @lisaandherworld if you've enough time :)

1. My galaxy shirt. Haha I bet you've already felt bored with this stuffs of me, but I love that stuff so much! So I feel like wanna snap it all the time.
2. My new eyewear. Yes I bought a new eyewear because the old one was broken while I was camping a few days ago.
3. New owl ring from Romwe! Get one for you.
4. New Shoes from J.Rep Clothing. Affordable price!
5 & 6. Very cute accesories from Grazie Dio Online Shop. The price is so affordable, trust me! And the stuffs are so so cute!!
7. My favorite cake from Cinnamon & Coffee.
8. Fossil vintage bag! thank you mom and dad. 

And, my first nail tutorial!
To be honest, actually, I am not nail-art addict. I just do nail-art while I am in school holiday, or another holiday. I also only have 5/6 nail polish. But, my friend Vania and lots of instagramers seem curious how I do this neat and simple nail art, I post this very easy nail art! :) Enjoyy!

Step by step:
1. Prepare 2 nail polish, you may choose what color you like. Mine are from skin food. Actually they are made for pedicure but I love the glittery colors!
2. Optional : use nail vitamin and base coat onto your nails. I'm a lazy person, so I don't use it hahaha
3. Paint the first color you want as usual. Wait until your nails are completely dry.
4. This is the point! To make your nails look neater, use plastic, stickers, etc. After that, you may paint the other color above your nail and plastic. After you paint it, take the plastic and wait until it is dry. Simple, right?
5. Optional : use a top coat so your nail polish will stay longer. 
6. Voila!! You made it! So easssy right? lol

See you in my next post! Keep calm and wait my 2nd photoshoot collaboration :)

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  1. your galaxy shirt is so so amazing! Loved it!
    And your nails look awesome.
    Following :)

  2. thank you for following me, i'm following you back for sure. nice blog :)


  3. great pics Lis! thanks for the tutorial, gonna try it ;;)


  4. Must try the tutorial.
    i think that easy :p

  5. the tutorial is super easy, but brings amazing outcome! :D

  6. cuteeee skirrt <33

    thanks for the tutorial <33

  7. Cute rings!

  8. cute ring

  9. love that galaxy shirt <3
    hello dear!
    Join my giveaway HERE open for internationally ♥

  10. IN LOVE with your galaxy shirt :)
    and such shiny nails, I love!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  11. Loved the galaxy shirt and the owl ring <3 the nails are so pretty :)

    Sabrilett's Armoire

  12. Hi dear.. following you now! :D

  13. I love instagram too - one of my fave things has become looking through all the new snaps in my feed :)

  14. i love your tutoriaaall! :D
    really nice color choices ♥ ♥ ♥

    anyway, don't forget to join my giveaway !

  15. nice post!!
    i love your Owl Ring ;)
    anyway, thanks for following me! ^^
    I'm following you back :)


  16. is that even a nail tutorial? that's so simple, everyone can do that even if you didn't tell us. but okay then, thank you for your tutorial. anyway, don't you say an iPhone if you only have an iPod. truth is better. oh also, don't be two faced. everyone knows your bad side. being nice to people and then if you start to dislike someone you post something bad about them. ckck.

    1. Hey anon! Thankyou for your opinion. 1st. Yes! I know thats so simple and it's not a tutorial. But one of my friends is too curious how to use the plastic. So i just put it in my blog so she will understand. 2nd. How did you know if I only have an iphone / ipod? Are you a Paranormal or another kind else? 3rd. I know I have so much bad side. And I think it's okay to chat in my diary about someone I dislike as I didn't mention their name? And I do nice too people suncerely. Thanks for your critics btw :) Gbu

  17. Love the galaxy shirt! Galaxy is one of my favorite trends but I've yet to get something with it. And lovely nails! :)

  18. Hey lady!! I just stumbled on your cute blog and I’m your newest follower!! I’d love a follow back maybe? Also you should really check out a fabulous OSCAR DE LA RENTA giveaway I’m having right now!!
    And thanks so much!
    Xo, Emily

  19. arr loving all of your stuffs esp the galaxy shirt! yuuum ;)


  20. your nail is so cute and neat too :)

  21. major love your galaxy shirt! lovely nails <3

    can't wait for your 2nd photoshoot :D xx

  22. beautiful pictures! I love how you created your nails looks:)

  23. Following!

  24. LOVE your nails!
    I have new post, finally, so if you are either interested or bored, check it out!

  25. I absolutely love your nails! :) xx

    - Victoria

  26. Cute nails! Loveeee your galaxy shirt :)

    Join Oasap super giveaway, win beautiful dress, open worldwide. Click here (•˘⌣˘•)
    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  27. i love the pics your put up on instagram! and beautiful nails too dear


  28. I love the galaxy print shirt.
    Great blog you have, check mine if you like.


  29. love them!! the top and all those accessories!!


  30. suuuure hehe I've followed you yah! :))

  31. Great ring and shoes lis! Sure (: next time yah



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