Continuos // Behind the Scene Collaboration Photoshoot

by - April 11, 2012

If you haven't seen my photoshoot with Helen, you should click HERE . This time, I wanted to share 'Behind The Scene' shoot. After we took some photos, we took a rest a while than we took photos together, the photographer Helena and me. Thank you for my brother Joshua who took the photos of us, you also the best photographer (but in his bad mood, the pics will look so bad).

ahh. Bad smile. Helena made me wanna laugh at that time and 'click'. She grabbed the pic.
-candid shoots-

Now I wanna tell you about my bad experience which was my friend also felt long time ago. I was posted some thoughts post in this blog when I had bad feelings. I forgot when, I just remembered that at that time, I felt terrible with lots of assignments, tests and homework I got. I posted my thoughts here, but I got shocking comments. There were few people wrote "Hey, great comments, I love your blog" or "hey this is amazing". Don't you read what was I wrote about? Or you just comment because I comment you, or because you need lots of comments? Okay, to be truth, I also commented people of their look. But, please. Read first. Don't just see than you comment but you don't know what's in the post.

My friends also felt the same. In her post, she became the photographer of the model. But lots of people said "Hey, I love your shoes" or "Hey I love your outfit! Great look" Heyya, she became the photographer, not the model. And from that I learned that people just comment but don't read.

ENJOOOY -- to be continued with the next outfit!

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I chose big ribbon head band and key-chain!

  Please everybody join-- :)

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  1. lol I love the time when I spend it with ya! <3
    ah that memories.. I felt that.. yeah people should read first, not just comment the post and only say "cute!" "great post" and etc..

    cheers, Helen

  2. amazing look! :D i love these pictures, i also take a look of the photoshoot, and all i can say is that you hae a good style, and your brother is such a good photographer, i also hyped your look on lookbook and followed, By the way you have a good Blog , keep it up!! :D <3

  3. Nice pictures! have already followed you back. thank you! =)

  4. Beautiful pics, the clouds are really pretty there.

  5. join my giveaway

  6. Halo cici :p
    thanks for comment in my blog ^^
    sorry, aku bru liat comment nya tdi. comment nya msuk spam xD hha
    ohya, ktanya cici udah fllow aku yah? trus minta follback?
    aku gak liat cici di followers box aku >.<
    btw aku udah follow cici :D

    happy sunday ^^

    1. ohya ce, punya twitter gak? ;D
      biar aku follow nih, <33
      hhe xP


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