shopaholic, aren't you?

by - March 23, 2012

Have you ever watched 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'? If you're a fashion lover or stylish people, I bet you've watched it. But me? Oh yes. I'm suck at fashion. I watched it just now, today when I wrote this post (yes, today is 23rd of March 2012). Is it too late? I feel yes too, haha. That film is very fashioned and inspiring. You know, Louboutins, Zara, Prada.... Lots of them. Why should we have them? yeah maybe 1 or 2 enough (for me, how about you?) But should we buy much? Also should we buy branded things to look stylish? It sucks when you bbecome a shopaholic. For me, fashion is not about when you buy lots of stuffs, or.... even branded things? You may see the end of the film. Rebecca sold her stuffs, all of her branded stuffs. You don't have to buy them much, just when you need them. Fortunately, I love fashion, I love buying stuffs, but I'm not a shopaholic.

Okay, I wanna share my thoughts about fashion. Then, I am a fashion-blinded. I don't know anything about fashion, Loubs, Zara, Topshop... But since I read fashion magazines ( my recommendation is Looks Magazine!) and also see fashion web (, chictopia and others) and also when I start falling in love with blogging world, I start to love fashion! Maybe I'm not your fashion darling, but I love to be myself and wear what I want. My style represents my personality.

Sorry for not posting outfit post.. I know this week is my holiday, but, I have no time to take outfit post axcept my last photoshoot with my best friend slash photographer slash crush. So, Just wait and see the next post! It's gonna be awesome :3 Au revoir !


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  1. lol you don't have to put that photo of you XD it's so trololol style for me... see you on tuesday dear! <3

    xoxo, Helen

  2. I have my own obsession for branded items but i can't afford them much :(

    Pudding Monster

  3. Can't stop laughing look at your photo <33

    i just found you are so cute <33

    Don't look at the brand, just look at the quality. There is so much products in low price with the same quality like the branded one and theyre also unique <33


  4. I've seen that movie and I love it! Of course I'm a shopaholic.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  5. Cute post<3

    Mind to follow each other dear? I make sure followed you back. I hope you want to do it.

    Have a glitters day!

  6. I'm shopaholic, totaly, I'm ready for some therapy :D
    Love this movie, nice blog :)

  7. Funny picture dear ^^ Love this post!

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  8. hey dear
    your blog was awfull
    Ive follow you
    Follow back please


  9. haha did you edit that photo yourself? oh i enjoyed that movie, it has such a great plot and moral story haha


  10. i think i am an online shop a holic! hahah

  11. the movie was great! sometimes i'm a shopaholic too hahaha


  12. you have a great blog with your lovely outfit <3

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    with love,

  13. Blogwalking here :)
    I watched this movie about 1 year ago. I love this movie!

  14. Nice post!
    I really like your blog dear, keep going!


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