hole in my shoulder and back

by - March 02, 2012

Hello people I'm back with the original outfit post taken at 31st of January (it's so long time) when we celebrated New Year's Eve in Central Park Mall, Jakarta. Me and my family were eating at Shabu Slim Restaurant, their restaurant is great. You can eat all Japanese foods (sushi and suki) with only paying once. But you must eat hurry! Because they only give you 1.5 hours to eat, lol.

Gaaaaahh. Thanks God It's Friday so I can post this post. This week (and next week) is my school mid-term, so I must study well. I study and sleep late everyday, until 1:00 AM everyday just for studying.. Am I crazy? I think not because I must study hard so I can get good scores there.

I know that the photos in not good.. And I am not photogenic. You know, the air was so annoying so my hair looked bad. Apologize me for bad photos, I will be more proffesional like another blogger, I promise. I know that I'm not photogenic. But I can't leave this hobby although there is no photos anymore to be posted and my laziness asks my not to touch laptop. HAHAHA

Okay just enjoy the photos <3

I use my rock style again.. Yeah because I love this top from Avenue. It has star beads at the shirt and also hole at my shoulder and back.

Oh my, I forgot to take my glasses to my bag >.< yeah I use eye-glasses. I decided to wear softlens soon! Paired my Avenue top with my Seera Pants, Charles and Keith Gladiator Shoes, Japanese Marine Bag and various accesories from Giordano and Hongkong.

Naaaah! the hole is clearlier here!

Time to eat!
*thank you for all of your attention*

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  1. i love your top.. <3

    Btw, i followed you blog, mind to follow back? ^^


  2. I love ur top! Cute shorts, have a good weekend! x Dusia

  3. love your amazing top! :)
    dear, mind to follow each other on twitter? my twitter is @deniathly

  4. love your amazing top! :)
    dear, mind to follow each other on twitter? my twitter is @deniathly

  5. Hi! I've checked your looks on chicismo and I liked them:):):) What do you think about following each other?:)

  6. hi, dear. I love ur blog btw. Wanna follow each other? I'm so glad followed by stylish person like you. I'll be sure follow you back, dear.


  7. Love your top dear :) And your shoes is ah-mazing! ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  8. your top is so amazing, lisa! :D love it! <3 <3

    good luck for your mid term exam anyway :)

  9. Nice pictures!! :-)


  10. cute style. I love it! :D

    I'm kind of new, do you mind following me back? ^^


  11. adorable top! loving your style too

    View and Follow? peopleinfashion.blogspot.com ;)


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