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by - February 12, 2012

Yeaaaa this is not an outfit post... I just wanna share my feeling and post few of tumblr pics.

Actually I feel bad with blogger, I don't know why but..... I feel bored. Really bored and I decided to move to tumblr. First, I think I don't get any great feedback :( People seem just follow me because I follow them. Maybe my photography is bad, yeah I don't have time to take great pics with EOS, also I have lots of tests, homework and assignments in my school. I just like tumblr now. It has cute theme and also great pics there. Also I can post pictures via my blackberry although I can't post the tag. I feel that, lots of people love my tumblr more than blogger. People seem enjoy my pictures at my tumblr, but in blogger not. I don't know why.

But, I know this is my passion. My passion for fashion! You know, although I feel lazy about blogging, I still have spirit to take pics of my outfit everytime I wear clothes. I don't know why, maybe this is called as "PASSION". Although I don't get any profit of this, I still feel wanna do it. I still love to take every outfit of me.

Sometimes I feel like I wanna be famous. But I don't care about it anymore now. Blogging is my passion. I love to take pics of my outfit. I love to SHARE it with my fellow. With my readers..

By the way, I have LOOKBOOK account now... please help me hype my looks!

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  1. dont feel pessimistic like that, Ly :(

    your blog is great! cheer up! btw I love the blue hairclip ribbon, so cute XD

    Cheers, Helen.
    My Random Thoughts

  2. omg dont feel that way lisaa ! just enjoy blogging, dont think too much about it. i love your bloggg and so the others <3 much lovee

  3. Great blog! Would you like to follow each other :)?
    xxx -S.

  4. Wish I have Tumblr so I can follow you, your blog is great btw ^^ Keep blogging and put a smile :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  5. I love ur tumblr, ur blog's nice too;)

    btw you can join my valentine giveaway here;)
    Journal J

  6. i love this blog!really cool!

    follow each other??



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