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by - February 05, 2012

yes, because I felt that my last post was very bad, so I decided to make this sneak peak post about my meet up with my friends a few moths ago, yeah we're back <3 Now, I go to my new school since I am being one of SHS student, and my friends went to their school which are not the same with me. I feel sad because I can't meet them everyday, but in this meet up, I could laugh together with them, tell each other about our school. Yeah, I missed them a lot, Karina and Michelle. It was actually one of my friend who was used to join us, but maybe she has got new friends so she decided not to meet us. Yeah, that is called "FRIENDSHIP". It's okay if she has forgot us, but I will always remember her as one of my old-bestfriend in JHS.

Candid Shoot to Michelle and Karina, taken at Central Park (as usual, lol)

by the way, I feel bored with BLOGGER so I decided to move to TUMBLR, kindly check it ~ thanks :D


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  1. yahh lisa, move ke tumblr? :(

    semoga sukses di tumblr ya! cemangat!

  2. Great blog!!

  3. nice pics and seems like you have so much fun with your friend !


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