New Year, New Life!

by - January 01, 2012

BABY, You're a fireworks! ^^

Happy New Year everybody! Okay, truly, this is a scheduled-post, haha .__. I'm afraid I can't post photos in this speacial day because I went to my village Cirebon and Bandung. Okay, I want to use this post as my diary (again) hahaha

Yeah, sometimes I feel randomly bad (as known as galau in Indonesia), I think that I love blogging, but I don't get anything from this routine. I often dream, if I can be like Anastasia Siantar, or Bonnie Barton, Kani Cao, or even the other bloggers who are very famous. I'm not a famou-geek, but sometimes I feel pessimistic. Yeah, I saw so many new bloggers who are being famous for only 1 until 2 moths. What had they done? Why can't I ?

But I know, God has another destiny for me (yeah, I have written this word for many times!) Actually I only want to show off that style is not always branded. I have a friend, she's rich and always uses branded items. It doesn't matter for me, but she always mokes other, and she often follows another's style but when she is followed, she's angry. Whatta? I don't care of her, I just don't like when she mokes and laughes at other. I think her style is bad though, she always uses outfit not properly (in Indo as known as saltum = salah kostum) Hey please! Bove the sky, there's another sky!

Yap, in this new year day, the first day 2012, I hope I can be a better person, who love to pray to God, be more patient, and I have a greater family than before. Yeah those are my resolution, the same as yours.

Sorry for writing to much >__<

Okay, for this new year day, I will give you my old-outfit look. I took my photos myself with self-timer (yeah this is shameless publication as kak Ario Achda said) Nobody wanted to take me photos. I love this rock outfit so much! The zipper is on my body! And I got studded on my bag and shoes! And also, black head to toe!

look-ed fat :|
Patricia Forgeal Black Top with zipper statements - Zara Black Jeans - Charles & Keith Bag - Charles & Keith Shoes
Shy ? Not shy actually!
NEW baby! My pink-crocs is also photographed >_<

Katy Perry - Fireworks

Super Junior - Opera

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  1. nice dear♥☺
    will you visit & follow my blog?
    I'll follow you back. but, dont forget to leave some words or comments there. thanks :D

  2. Happy new year 2012! Love your top ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. i heart your charles&keith shoes <3 <3

    headernya gw bikin pake photoshop sama beberapa foto di taman anggrek hehe.. :D

    btw happy new year! 53 followers already? you rock li! *pasang confetti lol*

  4. dont worry, God always has plan for those who believes. love your shoes! happy new year and have a great year ahead. xx

  5. Love your outfit! You're so cute!

  6. Happy New Year! And you've got a lovely blog.

  7. happy new year Lisa! awww sometimes my brother doesn't want to take my pics too, but I manage to bribe him with stuffs hahaha



  8. Hi friend, is very friendly with your comment.
    I wish him luck in his life and projects.
    Happy New Year.
    Greetings from Spain

  9. You are so cute! Followed you! =)

  10. Lisa, don't worry about them. always remember what you are blogging for, is it because you just love fashion and you want to tell people that style doesn't always mean branded things.. or you want to be famous? the famous ones are fortunate, i must admit, they inspire a lot of people too. but fame isn't the only thing you can get from blogging. if you want to inspire people, like you wrote, make friends with them and get to know each other. that is a greater way to inspire others, because there's a huge chance you'll be inspiring them in other aspects of life, not only fashion. :) one more thing, some things come to you when you stop looking for them. don't try too hard, just be yourself. blog about what you think is pretty. <3



  11. Don't bother about a person like that dear :)) blogging is about having fun :) sometimes I also wonders when would I be like other famous bloggers, but in the end, I just blog anything that I like! :D be confident in yourself and just blog about anything that you like :)

    Anyway, I love your top! xx

  12. thank you for all advice that you all have written here. You guys cheer me up :))


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