Yesterday and today

by - November 29, 2011

Yesterday was really-really bad day. And today is the worst day ever. Yesterday I lost some of my books, paper test and another while I'll have final test next day (I mean today). I got really angry, and when I wanted to print some of my friend's paper which has been scanned my him (thank you very much Argus) my printer ink was empty... GAH I felt really bad, in anger, bad mood..... I tried to print in my father's room but his printer was so slow and blur....

Today I just felt the same, I've studied hard for my physics and civics test. But you know? I couldn't do anything with civics, I got a lot of mistakes. And again, the worst thing is.... I've done my mathematics homework until I slept at 00:30 last night, and when I submitted it to my math teacher, she didn't want to receive. How sick, huh? I thought it must be submitted at the the school break.. But she said that it must be submitted before the break... So when I submitted at break, she didn't want to receive..... You know, I felt pathetic and sick. I don't know what will happen tomorrow about my score... I hope God will bless me and I'll get better score.......

Blogging and tumblr-ing make me happier, this is the place where I can tell a lot of story and my thoughts everyday, thankyou blogger, tumblr and fashion-bloggers for make me more cheerful in this pathetic week(s)

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