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by - September 24, 2011

Bongiarno my fabulous readers. Today I wanna tell you something about my life. Yeah, ther's happy and there's sad. Ther's good news and there's bad news.

I want to tell you the good news. First, A-Cha teaser has come out! Yeah I love Super Junior so much. Second, I feel so happy with my nice friends, Michelle and Shella. They always make me laugh all the time. Yesterday, when my teacher was absent in my class, we made some joke and laughed together, until I dropped my tears! Hahaha!

The bad news are first, I got bad score in my economic test and I must do the remedial tomorrow Monday. Oh my, I feel really sad. I got 62.89 and the KKM is 70. The second is I must do some classical test such as Mathematics and Accounting. Yeah my weekends won't be enjoyed. ergh.

This is my old photos  when I went to Gandaria City. I found a nice food court named "Eat and Eat'. I love their interior, so comfortable. I used an "army" style. Hahahaha.

bad resolution, right? -_- I wore: Innocent stripped army blouse, green cargo pants, Dai Er Sheng black bag, gladiator shoes, accecories from Disneyland, Hongkong and China.


By the way, this is A-Cha teaser for Super Junior new re-package album.


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  1. Great post! I'm an ELF too btw hehehe :D

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. nice look ! I love your bracelet :)

  3. I lover Super Junior so much too! x3
    Your pics are so cute^^

  4. nice outfit :) you look great dear..


  5. Ah.. So sad that Heechul is off for military! I will miss his funny one-liners
    A-Cha is not as catchy as Mr. Simple.. But I guess if you're an ELF, it would sounds as good!
    I'm a Hottest. Hehe..

    Love your top!



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