what a busy year.

by - August 01, 2011

Yeah, totally this is a busy year. My life in my new school is totally busy with a lot of assignments, homeworks, tests, and other activities. So, maybe I will leave this blog a while, although I will blog as much as possible. By the way, this is my outfit when I went to Alam Sutera with my family. I love my gladiators so much. 

I just have a few followers, though I know what I always dream. 'Having 100 followers'. But my dream won't come true. But I know I'm a dream catcher, I'm a strong girl, I'm a super girl. I know God has the best things for me. I will study as much as I can to make my parents happy. My new school is so tight. And the lessons is heavier than my old school. Now I'm in senior high school. I must study more diligent.

This is my photos:

my outfit : unbranded pink dress - unbranded black legging - unbranded black big bag - giovanni gladiator shoes
 Yeah, this is my most-favorite photo. hehe.
 Zoom of the first picture. Sorry if I seems like so shy or not photogenic. But this is the truth, I'm not photogenic.
I wore many unbranded that day. my motto is "You don't have to wear branded or expensive stuffs to look good. The most important is your style. Make your unbranded or even cheap stuffs seems like branded and expensive stuffs"

I love the weather there, yes because there are so many trees and the air is rather cold. Unlike Jakarta who has few trees and has hot weather.

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  1. I love this post and your blog so much.)) You have a talant *-)

    I need your help...
    A few days ago I got my Ipad. Do you have Ipad? What programs do advise to download?

  2. thank you mary. ehm sorry I don't have ipad:'(

  3. thanks for making a wikifashion page :) just letting you know that we have blog badges here- http://wikifashion.com/wiki/Wikifashion:Contributors_Needed Let me know if you need anymore help!

  4. pretty!and thank you so mch for your comment on my blog!


  5. oh my God thanks ci CK for your comments! <3

  6. love the photos and I agree with your motto :)

  7. thankyou guys! you're such a great blogger guys. I know you're famous, but you still comment me! :)

  8. Yes I love your motto! Btw your outfit is really great!

  9. thanks kak Arnold! oh my, what kind of dream did I get last night? Many bloggers was commented my blog! honored! <3

  10. can i see your sandals closely? cz i think its simple but cute sandals

  11. haha okay later then! thank you for giving me comment. Next post, maybe?

  12. Hi.!
    I really like your blog,and the bag ;)
    Follow me,I have already following you... :)

  13. Your outfit is cute (: I absolutely ♥ your bag!

    ★ http://www.mochfrappes.com ★


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