by - July 23, 2011

BIG THANKS TO for letting me show my outfit here:) I'm so glad to be featured for the second time. But really I feel so bad cause I still don't get much followers though I had made many features and contribution. So, what should I gonna do? hmm, maybe just be passion and pray a lot. I know God has the best destiny for me. If I failed. I must try again till I can't.

this is the photo of my features, if you want to see bigger, just click the photo or click HERE :) thank you soo much. I hope many person will see my blog and they like mine and my blog will be known by all people in the world:)

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  1. Don't worry Lisa. If you love blogging just continue blogging. I don't have that many followers myself, and still have fun writing and posting. ^__^

    Btw, love your navy bag from Mangga Dua at your feminine stripes post.

    LeeAnne, Style N Season


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