green hornet ?

by - April 19, 2011

That time I go to my father's friend's wedding party, so I wore my army green bodycon t-shirt with butterfly design in the backside from Carvieno, Bandung. Then I wore my ruffle army skirt from Hongkong, my strappy heels from Bellagio and my mommy's clutch.

The place is near from Ragunan Zoo, that is so far from my house. Because of my mother was sick, I was accompanying my father.

But... I feel that my outfit was same as GREEN HORNET. You know, He is a superhero with his green costume. haha!


related search for my bellagio: click HERE!

By the way, I will have my NATIONAL EXAMINATION on April, 25th 2011, so I can't post on this following week. Pray for me, yaa!  May God bless me!

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