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by - February 06, 2011

Actually, I went to R.S. Cikini, Centre of Jakarta in the CHINESE NEW YEAR (So I wore a red t-shirt) because my Uncle was sick and he is cured until now. But when I went to the hospital, I felt that the hospital is very good. Because it is seems like a villa/bungalow, not like a hospital. So I took some photo there. But in this new year, I felt so bad because my mom is getting hepatitis A until now so I couldn’t go to my villages, Cirebon and Bandung. I could go if I can, but I felt so bad to leave my mom. So I take care of my mom til now. Hope she will be fine. Amen.

the london red t-shirts
 the SISLEY red bag
 the grey GOSH sandals.

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  1. oh, you're so fashionista :D
    you're pretty lisaaaa! x3

  2. thanks bell! you too, and you know much about korean! i like it <3


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