Irfan Bachdim - the fenomenal football player

by - December 11, 2010

for all football lovers, especially Timnas Indonesia lovers. This is Irfan Haarys Bachdim, the new indonesian fotball player. He plays for Persema Malang, and now he is very very famous because of his handsome face and his career in football, haha. Honestly, i am amazed with his play and his handsome face. But, did you know, sebelumnya Ifran Bachdim itu susah banget buat masuk tim di indonesia, seperti Persija dan Persib. But now you see, he is a celebrity athlete now. Many people love him especially the ladies. Followers in twitter are so many. (termasuk aku  juga follow). twitternya yang asli : @irfanbachdim10

Irfan lahir di Amsterdam, Belanda, tanggal 11 Agustus 1988. Berarti sekarang umurnya 22 tahun. Tapi buat cewe-cewe jangan sedih yaa soalnya Irfan sudah punya cewek yang namanya Jennifer Kurniawan.

woohoo, i think his green eyes are so melting me! *kidding*

i think i get bachdim fever, dont I?

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